Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It Must Be the Shoes

Allow me to start this post by saying that I am generally a shorts or jeans and a T-shirt guy. I'm not into shopping and rarely buy new clothes unless it's a funny T-shirt. I may buy shoes even less often. However, when I do dress up I want to look good doing it. And if you're having a wedding in the Northeast, or more specifically the New York City area, spending a little extra money to look amazing for your wedding day isn't going to make a dent in your budget. Therefore, I plan on looking amazing on my wedding day.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Know Your Role

So, you popped the question (which will be the subject of an upcoming blog, I'm not much for chronology), and she, thankfully, said yes. Now you are really going to get married. Someday. Whether your fiancĂ©e has known every detail of her wedding day since she was 12 or she has yet to decide what color her dress should be, you have a role in the planning of your wedding. The extent of that role has some variation, but there are some things you should be very involved in, and others on which you should probably defer to your better half.